Seven Days in November

Saturday, November 20, our kitchen, Manhattan, Kansas

Jackie weighs post-election life options. I’m drinking coffee strong enough to walk. She’s preparing Fido’s medicine (I call it “doggie dope” – my dog has a monkey on his back). We both agree, there’s more to life than what one does for a living. Competing factors: Passion, talent, loyalty. Too many people define themselves by their jobs. I used to be one of ‘em.

Jackie never has. She knows the answer.

Sunday, November 21, St. Isidore’s Catholic Student Center, Manhattan

Eucharistic celebration in the Latin liturgical rites of the Roman Catholic Church. We were married here and today are members of the “permanent community,” which implies a revolving door community of college students. The implication is correct. Isidore’s the patron saint of agriculture, btw.

I genuflect.

Monday, November 22, Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri

Cats handle Dogs, but omg, hit a freaking free throw, willya?

Tuesday, November 23, Power & Light District, Kansas City, Missouri

Lunch with my second-year med student son and his girlfriend. Over salad and lobster bisque, I’m struck by the personality similarities between father and son. Amanda notices similar idiosyncrasies. Wait until my Pop enters the mix. Three generations o’ Matson.

Scott’s wearing a necktie. I’m not. Wait long enough and the roles reverse.

Wednesday, November 24, the Corporate Taj Mahal, Manhattan

In an empty office for a half day. Most work days are spent just riding the wave – hanging on. Amazing how much you can accomplish, unencumbered by other people’s priorities.

Thursday, November 25, McClaskey farmstead, rural Crawford County, Kansas

Thanksgiving with Jackie’s family. The parents-in-law are aging. Father-in-law remained in his easy chair the entire eight hours we were there. With two knee replacements that didn’t take, it’s hard for the ol’ boy to get around these days. Mother-in-law concerned about vision test in pending driver’s license renewal.

Thursday night, November 25, traveling north on U.S. 59, somewhere in Anderson County, Kansas

FM station surfing. Land on 97.7, “The Dawg” out of Burlington. My head-bangin’ honey rocks out to Scorpion’s “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” Little known fact about my wife: The heavier the metal, the better.

I believe this merits its own blog entry… whaddaya think?

Friday, November 26, 2010, On the deck, in an Adirondack chair that needs re-stained, Manhattan

Reading a 50-year old book by a Trappist monk aimed at fellow monks on spiritual direction and meditation. Thomas Merton urges “manifestation of conscience," in essence, confession of sins on steroids.

I think I'll go run a few miles.