Merry Kansas Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s no excuse for not getting our Christmas cards done, say, before Christmas?

But we didn’t. We apologize. Get over it.

So on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of our Statehood, I humbly offer my first ever Merry Kansas Day Blog Entry (my caps).

On time.

Since there’s no protocol or tradition related to Merry Kansas Day Blog Entries, I figure I can pretty much say whatever.

Makin’ up the rules as we go along.


Livin’ on the edge, holiday greetings-wise.

The Christmas sentiment is obvious, but the warm and fuzzies re: Kansas Day are a bit subtler and often a harder sell.

A bit fuzzier, if you will.

So to speak.

As it were.

Despite our best intentions, we’ve had no luck convincing our neighbors to come Kansas Day caroling with us. Nothing like a rousing rendition of “John Brown’s Body Lies-a-Moulderin’ in the Grave,” in the public thoroughfare to raise a few neighborhood eyebrows.

Maybe you should try it where you live!

C’mon, let’s all sing!

When I worked in the Statehouse, I walked by John Steuart Curry’s mural of John Brown – arguably the most famous work of art in Kansas – thousands of times, without giving it a second thought.

Now, 15 years later, when I go back, I more fully appreciate it and all it represents.

Those who founded Kansas came with a deeply-held belief in the promise of freedom, equality and a better life. They found all three here. 

Maybe Kansas really is as big as you think.

Merry Kansas Day!