Walk Like an Egyptian

“The overwhelming sense of personal empowerment here, by a people so long kept down and underestimated by their own government was a sight to behold.”
--Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist

All the old paintings on the tombs, they do the sand dance, don't you know? If they move too quick, oh-way-oh, they're falling down like a domino.

“Mubarak, of course, was a military man, not a businessman. But running a country with a suspended constitution for 30 years generates certain perks, and Mubarak was in a position to take a slice of virtually every significant business deal in the country.”
--Rick Newman, U.S. News & World Report

All the bazaar men by the Nile, they got the money on a bet. Gold crocodiles, oh-way-oh. They snap their teeth on your cigarette.

“The United States and Europe, meanwhile, were forced to get behind the regime change even while distancing themselves from a longtime ally ‘to maintain their credibility.’”
--Marina Ottaway, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Foreign types with the hookah pipes say, hey-oh way-oh, hey-oh way-oh.

“Across Gaza, many thousands rushed into the streets late Friday. Gunmen fired in the air and women distributed candy. ‘God bless Egypt, it's a day of joy and God willing all corrupt leaders in the world will fall,’ said Radwa Abu Ali, 55, one of those handing out sweets.”
--Alice Fordham & Marisol Bello, USA Today

The blonde waitresses take their trays. They spin around and they cross the floor. They've got the moves, oh-way-oh. You drop your drink then they bring you more.

“Still, says Habib Haddad, ‘it was like the feeling you would get when you are a college student, when you think you're onto something big.’"
--Angela Shaw, TIME

All the school kids so sick of books, they like the punk and the metal band. When the buzzer rings, oh-way-oh. All the kids in the marketplace say hey-oh, way-oh, hey-oh, way-oh.

“In the din that has characterized these tense days in Cairo, unusual messages arrived this week that left many Egyptians squinting at their cellphones: "Police have returned to streets to protect citizens and their security. Please cooperate with them."
--Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times

If you want to find all the cops, they're hanging out in the donut shops. They sing and dance, oh-way-oh. They spin the clubs, cruise down the block.

“Despite having now holed up at his winter residence in Egypt, Christopher Davidson, a professor of Middle East studies at Britain's Durham University, believes that Mubarak is not long for Egypt: 'He'll be headed to the Gulf for sure. Saudi Arabia or the UAE.'”
--Joshua Keating, Foreign Policy

Walk like an Egyptian.