Sixty Days of No Defense

It’s not quite as bad as the Little League Participation Trophy, but almost.

Thirty teams in the National Basketball Association and 16 of ‘em make the playoffs. The NBA post-season starts in mid-April and stretches until mid-June.

Sixty days of potential TV remote conflict in our household.

The association is divided into two geographic conferences: Eastern and Western. (They stayed up all night thinkin’ up that one.) The top eight teams in each conference make the post-season.

And when I say “top eight teams,” I take a modicum of editorial license.

This year’s 8th seed in the East, the Indiana Pacers, made the playoffs after losing eight more games than they won. Their 8th seeded Western counterparts, the Memphis Grizzlies, finished at 46-36 and have become the Cinderella of the post-season, after dispatching the mighty 1st-seeded San Antonio Spurs in the first round.

That, my friends, is a compelling story. If you need a team to root for, I humbly offer the Griz.

My wife and I are polar opposites when it comes to basketball. I tend to yawn at any college basketball game that does not involve K-State or KU, while she’ll take some emotional ownership in Slippery Rock vs. West Overshoe U.

I’ll watch any NBA game, anytime. Jackie’d sooner watch a test pattern. Her complaint is worthy: Not enough defense and too much flash.

A couple years ago, I talked her into a trip to Oklahoma City. The Thunder (née Seattle Supersonics) were hosting the Miami Heat, who at the time featured K-State’s Mike Beasley. B-Easy got in early foul trouble and rode the pine most of the night.

I feel confident in saying my wife’s first NBA game was also her last.

Sure it’s a spectacle, but what big-league sport isn’t today? OMG, they shoot off fireworks when the starting lineup is announced at the Royals games these days.

“Batting eighth, the shortstop, Alcides Escobar…”


If announcing the lineup merits fireworks, what happens for a home run? Rapture?

Like any professional sport played at the highest level, the NBA has its share of prima donnas. LeBron James is Tom Brady is Manny Ramirez is Sidney Crosby.

I love K-State basketball but for a completely different reason. That’s all about college kids learning and growing. Supporting the hometown school and community.

I like the NBA because these guys are some serious freaking athletes.

Gotta go.

Time for game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Chicago Bulls hosting the Atlanta Hawks.

Jackie’s at some FFA-related meeting.

(And Carlos Boozer has no business hoisting three’s).