Artistic Inspiration

An Actual Facebook Conversation:

MM: In a blog-writing slump. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Friend: How ‘bout what it’s like to be in a blog-writing slump?

It sucks.

Normally, I sit down with the kernel of an idea and it just kinda flows. Crank out a few thoughts, form sentences, arrange grafs, edit, and BOOM.

Not lately.

I realize it’s a gift. One for which I need to be more grateful and take less for granted.

Or maybe we’re each imbued with a finite amount of creativity and I’ve used up my quota for the week/month/year/select your own chronological component.

Or maybe I should just quit bitching/moaning/over-analyzing, open my eyes/heart and take in my life.

ITEM: Highlights of the holidaze included Christmas Eve Mass at the Cathedral of the Wichita Diocese… “Act Christmas…” and a day with my wife, my brother, my son, his gf and their brand new puppy, Emmett, in our home.

Jackie whomped up some fondue and we retro’d the meal. And when I say my wife “whomped up” some fondue, I mean, of course, that she planned and prepared it all.

On the fly.

Dessert in chocolate/caramel, veggies/bread in cheese and three kinds of livestock – cow, pig and poultry, rubbed and/or marinated with a host of delectable spices and herbs. (Not to be confused with Peaches and Herb, though one could make a compelling argument that, since my brother lives in the Pacific Northwest and rarely gets to MHK, we were, in fact…


Me minus you is such a lonely ride. (Rimshot sfx)

ITEM: Lunched with an old long-time friend this week in Aggieville. After twenty years in Topeka, she’s launching a new career in MHK. It’s self-serving and presumptuous to consider myself her mentor, though even without the label, that pretty much describes our relationship.     

ITEM: E-mail today via LinkedIn from another old friend who is also approaching the precipice. 20 years ago he moved to Florida to wheel and deal and I’ve not seen him since. He wanted to know wut up wif me in the last couple of decades.

Sum up the last 20 years of your life in 200 words or less:

“Health is excellent... except for the fact that I can no longer pound donuts and cheeseburgers down my yap with impunity. So I run. My son, Scott, and I try to do a half-marathon each spring and fall. The operative term is “try.” Figure I'll keep going 'til the knees give out.

Scott’s 26 and a third-year med student at the University of Kansas School of Medicine in KC. He's a lot like his old man (in every respect). He and his gf are planning their residency together as a couple, though in no real hurry to get married. Can't blame them.

These days, I head up communications, PR, strategic thinking and "other duties as assigned" for a  family farmer/rural advocacy outfit. Good people struggling with change. Been there since the fall of 2000.

Got married in December of ‘98. Jackie's a dozen years younger than me and a helluva lot smarter. Met her in '94 when I was covering politics for WIBW-TV and she was a hanger-on for then-U.S. House candidate Sam Brownback.

Also write a blog to scratch the creative itch. Take a look sometime when you're bored to tears and just staring at the walls.”

Sometimes inspiration sneaks up on me. Sometimes it’s right freaking in front of me.

And I just need to be clued in enough to recognize it.