Ostensibly and Inevitably

I’ve mentioned before in this space that I sometimes scribble fragments of thought on scraps of paper. Ostensibly, these fragments are often the raw material – the essence – of a blog post.


So I’m rooting around in a pile of ‘em recently and come across one that is partially decipherable.


I can make out the three bottom lines:

- touch scr


- smart phone

- fat fingers

But as God and Whittaker Chambers are my witness(es), I cannot make out the scribble at the top.

Which leads, inevitably, to AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION


(my caps)


Mike: “Can you make out this top line here?”

Jackie (taking note in hand and carefully scrutinizing my hieroglyphics): “Looks like l-a-m-e-n-t-a…”

Mike (suddenly remembering): “Oh yeah! It’s Lamentations.”

Jackie: “What’s that?”

Mike: “It’s a book in the Bible. I think it’s like an entire Old Testament book of complaints. So clearly, this

note was the start of a rant on technology. And I was gonna call it... 

...wait for it... 


Jackie: “Looks to me like your technology problems go a little deeper than smart phones. I’d say they start with pen and paper.”

My widened eyes

and wry (sardonic?) smile are

her cues that something just clicked in the vast nether regions between my ears.

Jackie: “What is this? Another ACTUAL CONVERSATION?”

Mike: “Pphht,” hustling back to the dining room. “This could be a whole blog entry.”