Positive Influences


in the lobby of the Four Points Sheraton across the street from Kauffman Stadium. Just tried to confirm our reservations for this Tuesday, the first night of the World Series. Almost had to communicate via the written word, because my voice is shot.

That’ll happen after nine innings of hollering, “LET’S GO ROYALS” at the top of my lungs. I learned long ago my voice carries. So I feel compelled to lead the cheers in our right field section, just below Rivals. These seats also proved to be prime real estate to share with Joey Bats just how those of us in the right field seats feel about his antics.

The jeers are toned down a bit from my youth. They’re also modulated considerably due to the influence of the woman I love.

Jackie’s still in the hotel room, asleep. I wake up every day, 6 a.m.-ish. Makes no difference whether I go to bed at 9 p.m. or 4 a.m., I wake up at 6. When we stay in hotels, I get dressed quietly, find the coffee in the lobby and hang out until she awakens.

Pictures of Jackie Taking Pictures. Pennant winning style.

She’ll wake up happy this morning. Her beloved Kansas City Royals won the pennant last night. That’s two pennants in a row, first time ever in franchise history.

My wife credits her love of the Kansas City Royals to her parents. Jack and Jean were in their 40’s when Jackie arrived, the baby of the family, last of a line of six kids, ten years after the most recent one. Jackie was supposed to be a boy. In fact, she was supposed to be Jack E. McClaskey, Jr.

But she was the fifth girl in a row and Jack E. Junior became Jackie. She’s her father’s daughter in every sense.

Jean’s pushing 90. This season, Jackie made it a point to call her Mom after every Royals game. The ones we watched on TV and the ones we saw in person.

  Wins and losses.

Last night, amid the din of a pennant winning celebration, on the phone with her youngest daughter, Jean didn’t question Ned’s managing, she marveled at Lorenzo’s speed and gave credit to the guts and heart of the Greatest Relief Pitcher in the Game (my caps).

So my natural default tendencies to second guess and to sometimes skew negative when the ball bounces the wrong way are overshadowed by my wife’s 2015 Royals mantra... “Trust Ned.”

That comes naturally for her. You see, she’s also her mother’s daughter.

We’ll be back in the right field seats Tuesday and Jackie will call her Mom after Game 1 of the World Series.

Win or lose, all is right with the world.