Three Dozen Random Thoughts

1. My wife’s been away for three days (State Fair). Not sure who misses her more, me or the dogs.

2. When I lived in Hays in the 80s, a friend had a cat named Toulon. I think of that cat every time I pass the Toulon Road exit on I-70.

3. When I was 21, I would act on my first thought.

4. They’re still World Champions and will be for another month-and-a-half.

5. Since my father died, I’ve been a lot more attentive to my mother.

6. 2000-2010 doesn’t stand out as a distinct decade the way the 70s, 80s and 90s do.

7. The Kaw is behaving dangerously like it’s 1993.

8. I like the feel of Indian summer on my increasingly enlarging forehead.

9. What, exactly, is the pompatus of love?

10. Humidity. September. Kansas.

11. I want a pair of dogs named Jack and Bobby.

12. Saw a billboard pimping “high quality cremation.” As opposed to what, tossing Grandma on the campfire?

13. At 31, I tended to make up my mind after only one experience.

14. Jackie loves all the elements -- wind, snow, rain, storms.

15. Good journalism starts with good journalists.

16. I get the impression Bob Dole is constitutionally incapable of fading away.

17. Pondered adapting the lyrics to make it ‘Yordano Ventura Highway,’ but still haven't figured out what to do with “alligator lizards in the air.”

18. “Do all the good you can” seems like it oughta be a damned effective political message.

19. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is becoming a favorite.

20. Never had a craft beer. They came along after I quit drinking.

21. Sometimes obligations are a gold-plated pain in the ass.

22. When I was 41, I realized McLuhan was right. The medium is the message. 

23. Only a couple of months remain in the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

24. All of us have debts to pay.

25. We are surrounded by dysfunction, idiosyncrasies and odd ways of being. Rarely do we go upstream.

26. My father’s mother is buried in a Catholic cemetery in west Wichita. I should visit her grave more often.

27. When I hear certain songs from the past, I am reminded of my true love at that moment.

28. What I used to call spin, today is a ‘narrative.’

29. Some days I want to throw my smart phone in the river.

30. Unless you want a well-reasoned admonition on loyalty, do not boo at a K-State sporting event within proximity of my wife.

31. I am more honest in my writing than in person.

32. At 51, I was no longer surprised at how small the circles are in Kansas.

33. Steve Inskeep comes across like a know-it-all on Morning Edition.   

34. Why do I bother with a wet newspaper -- especially when the news inside is a day old before it even comes off the press?

35. In the days and weeks immediately following a speeding ticket I slow down. The system works.

36. Do the Durans really smell like they sound?