If you have clicked your way to the ‘About’ page, I’ll make some assumptions. First, though, thank you. I’ll assume, for whatever reason, you’re curious. Maybe even a bit intrigued (curiosity taken to the next logical step).

Consider this blog the musings of a man who has lived and learned. My hope is the experience comes through. When I started this enterprise a few years back, it was sub-headed, ‘The view from the precipice of middle age.’ Turns out time only goes one way and today I find myself off the cliff and grudgingly accepting the loss of my youth. 

Structure and process tend to influence my thinking (that time I designed a system for an organization called the Process process). I often tell colleagues and young professionals, it’s not about the work, it’s about how you do the work. My tendency is to question everything, especially motivation. Once I get my head and heart around ‘why?’ the rest is just logistics.  

I’m also a recovering alcoholic, 25+ years sober, which, as you may imagine, drives the way I approach life. It was my own recovery, layered and infused with some purposeful conversations with my father at the end of his life that led me to write a book. It’s a creative non-fiction family memoir about his troubled childhood.

The critics say it’s an “extraordinary memoir of dysfunction, abandonment, sadness and redemption.” They also say, “Twenty-five years sober, Matson captures 25 years of the lives of his father and his father’s parents living in what can best be described as ‘ignorance and dysfunction.’”

The critics are very kind. Here's one review, published in my hometown newspaper.

I live where I was born, in Manhattan, Kansas, the heart of the Flint Hills, with my wife and our two Australian Shepherds. My son and his wife are doctors in Denver.

Thanks again for clicking over to “About.” If you remain curious and intrigued, you know where to return. Feel free, btw, to check me on my assumptions.

Click on the image to order a copy.

Click on the image to order a copy.

Spifflicated (spif 'lə-kat-əd) adj. Past tense. 1. Drunk; 1920s Jazz-era usage. See also: ossified, zozzled. 2. Having one's faculties impaired by an excess of alcoholic liquor; intoxicated. 3. To stifle, suffocate, ruin, destroy.

Spifflicated: A Family Memoir tells the story of one family's journey through heartache, abandonment and eventually, forgiveness.



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